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About Us

VERTTX is a custom software development company that works with businesses in all different sizes and industries to create the perfect software that fits their needs.

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Our Mission

At VERTTX, our six-year journey is rooted in a commitment to shaping digital excellence. With a proven legacy of collaborating with over 100 companes, our mission is to craft innovative software solutions that transcend expectations. We embrace each challenge as an opportunity to create value, employing cutting-edge technology and expertise to empower businesses and drive their success. Guided by integrity, creativity, and unwavering dedication, we are the catalysts of transformation, advancing industries through the art of software development.

Our Values



Creating the perfect software is difficult and a complex process from conception to designing amazing UI, to creating high-quality software. It takes a team of highly trained developers to bring it to reality. That is where we come in. Here we make complex processes seem effortless for our clients so they have the best experience possible.



Our team of talented developers is highly trained in industry-leading technologies such as React, Node, AWS, and more. Our experiences working with companies ranging from startup to enterprises gives us the edge. We know exactly what your business needs and how to develop the perfect software.



Our developers are passionate about each project we are involved in. We don't just want to create the perfect software but we want to maintain and evolve. As technology moves forward we continue maintaining and developing new tools and technologies to keep your business in the frontlines of innovation.

Our Story

Founded by visionary Sami Baghban, VERTTX embarked on its journey over 7 years ago with a resolute mission: to revolutionize businesses through technological innovation. Since then, our unwavering dedication to excellence has propelled us to serve and partner with 100+ clients, each interaction enriching our expertise and fostering lasting relationships.

At VERTTX, innovation is more than just a buzzword; it's the cornerstone of our identity. We believe that every project is an opportunity to blend creativity and technology, and our journey has been a testament to this philosophy. From crafting intricate code to weaving seamless user experiences, we embrace challenges with enthusiasm, transforming them into solutions that defy norms and redefine possibilities.

Our story is interwoven with the stories of our clients, each a testament to our shared successes. Together, we've overcome hurdles, celebrated milestones, and envisioned the future of technology-driven enterprises. Our journey continues, fueled by a passion to empower businesses with cutting-edge software solutions and driven by the same spirit of innovation that inspired our founder.

Today, VERTTX stands tall, a thriving testament to our commitment to shaping the digital landscape. As we look back on the years that brought us here, we're grateful for the trust our clients have bestowed upon us, and we're excited for the chapters that lie ahead. Our story is one of collaboration, growth, and pushing boundaries, and we invite you to be a part of it as we continue to empower futures through innovation


Our Services

At VERTTX our mission is to create amazing custom software solutions for companies around the world. We aim to build products that serve millions of people around the world.



We offer end-to-end mobile application development services that are tailored to your business needs – from ideation all the way through to launch. Our mobile development team has a solid track record of delivering native and cross-platform custom applications for iOS and Android.



Our web application development service covers every element of a successful web solution, from technology consulting and UX design to front and back-end development, deployment, and support. Whether you need a high-performance eCommerce marketplace or a data-driven web app for logistics



We're experts at delivering advanced DWH and BI solutions across different domains – from finance and insurance to logistics. Our solutions allow you to harness your data to enhance operations and customer service while boosting revenue and providing strategic decision-makers with actionable insights.

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